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Founded In 1983

  "When the student is ready....the teacher will appear."

Classes Only $75.00 a Month!!!
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 Mary Greggs

 Mary Greggs
9-27, 1919 To 10-13-2013 You will be deeply missed but never forgotten. Thank you for your love and all of your contributions.

Greggs Music SchoolWe are a non-profit music school that focus on enrichening and enlightening our community with the gift of music. There is nothing more rewarding than helping students bond with their favorite instrument and become excited as they learn to translate notes on paper to beautiful melodious sounds that everyone enjoy hearing. Greggs Music School take great pride in supplying the proper foundation and structure for you to reach your full potential. Students that enroll are taught the basics of their instrument as well as music theory. Upon this framework Greggs Music School continue to work with you in order to help you to elevate further to the more advanced levels of playing your favorite instrument.

 Greggs Music School - Stanton Greggs

Stanton Greggs took it upon himself to share his love of music by establishing Greggs Music School in 1983. His self-sacrifices over the years to forego relocating to a bigger market has benefited a substantial amount of students in the Greenville area and surrounding communities. Many students have been successful after diligent instruction in making a living performing music. Stanton is highly esteemed in the community and take great pride in helping others through his vision of excellence. Click here to learn more about Stanton Greggs.

Greggs Music School - The Instruments

When you need thorough and competent music instruction Greggs Music School is the right choice for learning how to bring forth the great musician you have rooted inside of you. Students have the oppurtunity to learn how to play the following instruments: Piano, Organ, keyboards, Guitar, Drums, and Percussion instruments. For individuals seeking to become great singers we also offer Vocal training lessons. The price for any instructional lesson is only $75.00 monthly.

   Classes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

5:15 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Join our school today!!!
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  School Prayer

Our father in Jesus name, teach us to be humble to ourselves to those who have authority over us and our talen. Show us guidance for ourselves and doings and wisdom, knowledge, and strength to make it through day by day.  As you do these things we'll be careul to give you honor and praise through music. Let thy will be done in Jesus name we pray.  Amen



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